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Mitch Dowbrowner

Just some amazing work:

My favourite can be found under Storms - Image 9 of 15, "Trees-Clouds/Texline/Texas 2009"

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A trip to the local garden

Spring has sprung!

Spa Fields, Clerkenwell


A Visit to Kintyre, Scotland!

I recently returned from a brief weekend retreat to the Kintyre Peninsula in Scotland. The return to the seaside is the first in well over a year for me and it was just fantastic! A few images to share including two new prints. I hope to share more in the coming days ...

A Meeting of Three

A Meeting of Three

A Beak Into The Light

A Beak Into The Light

Around the Corner

Around the Corner

I Spy Sea Shells by the Sea Shore

I Spy Sea Shells by the Sea Shore


Time Place Perspective

Time Place Perspective

The Unexpected Crowds - Time Place Perspective

Time Place Another Perspective

Still Man's Night - Time Place Another Perspective


Memories of a great man

A year on ... 18th of March 2009. How sweet that smile, one which will forever crest a horizon full of joy and laughter. I'm truly grateful for his presence in my life and the sweet memories that linger.

Babajan in the garden, March 2005 in Burnside


In water photography

Some fantastic images taken by wildlife photographer Greg du Toit at the Independent:

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Travels to the Lake District

Early February 2010 saw me take a long awaited trip to the Lake District of Cumbria. I'd heard much but expected relatively little given experience of other places in the UK. I have to say I was blessed despite my ignorance, and the blessings continued during my stay with weather ranging from bright blue skies to dark brooding clouds. My photographic success was somewhat limited though I do now have a few more images to offer in my current collection. Below are more of the images captured during the trip - definitely a place I can both recommend and hope to return to.


Memories of Travel

Going through my old photographic archives I recalled how much I had really enjoyed past travel adventures. You know those journeys with multiple destinations, over weeks and even months, that see you crisscross the globe. My last 'Great Journey' was in March 2007 - here's a simple image from my travels:

Sunlit leaves

The Muir Woods just off San Francisco's Muir Woods are an amazing place. Full of life, light and history.

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Midnight Decisions

Admittedly waking up from sleep because you had a curiousity in your dream is a relatively novel experience. Unfortunately this simple and benign little question wouldn't let me get back to sleep until it had been answered.

My bedroom window at 2am ... after a very long exposure