Mehdi van den Bos + Photography


Stones and trees

as only Cumbria seems to combine ...



Are sometimes great subjects in themselves ...


Arriving in Whitehaven …

Sunset reflected in the harbor's waters ...


A return to the Lake District

This time happily married to Sabrina!



More to come ...


Travels to the Lake District

Early February 2010 saw me take a long awaited trip to the Lake District of Cumbria. I'd heard much but expected relatively little given experience of other places in the UK. I have to say I was blessed despite my ignorance, and the blessings continued during my stay with weather ranging from bright blue skies to dark brooding clouds. My photographic success was somewhat limited though I do now have a few more images to offer in my current collection. Below are more of the images captured during the trip - definitely a place I can both recommend and hope to return to.