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My wife

Busy with work ... only the occasional time for the camera, and the weather has been miserable. But then there's my wife ...

My lovely wife, Sabrina

My lovely wife, Sabrina


Recently …


Mondschein does it again

And no this time it's not about my wife!


Memories of the sun

The sun shining, winter fading, Hyde Park ... an afternoon remembered.


A worthwhile walk

As Sabrina often reminds me ... my walks are often too long. This one however was just right, and we even made an interesting photo - please note our ghostly apparitions.

Sabrina & Mehdi @ Marble Arch - a self portrait



The same walk along the Thames Embankment yielded this image of Westminster and the Ben:


from the eye of london

A Sabrina & Mehdi production.


Another Portrait

I'm not really promising to diversify ... and I will indeed get that album together in short order. Just have to love my wife - hard to believe how I got so lucky!


The Golden Side …

From a walk in Hyde Park two weeks ago in London, on a sunny spring afternoon:

The Golden Side of the Light

The Golden Side of the Light

Light's direction changes so much of it's perception.


Focus …

What do I lay my eyes on?

A scene from Hyde Park last week

A scene from Hyde Park last week

One balance

One balance

Though I prefer

Though I prefer

Though I love details ... I like to keep the essence simple. Another example:

The scene in Hyde Park

The scene in Hyde Park

My view

My view - for so many reasons