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My wife

Busy with work ... only the occasional time for the camera, and the weather has been miserable. But then there's my wife ...

My lovely wife, Sabrina

My lovely wife, Sabrina


A return to the Lake District

This time happily married to Sabrina!



More to come ...


Recently …


Memories of the sun

The sun shining, winter fading, Hyde Park ... an afternoon remembered.


A post in parrallel

Yet more photos from a day trip to Cambridge with my wife, visiting a friend who also brought back my old favourite camera (Nikon D2Xs) from it's extended loan to my brother in-law in Australia - a happy reunion indeed,  something about it just feels right even though today's technology is a significant step better. Here are mix of images created by my wife and I during the trip. See Sabrina's blog for a different selection of images.


A room with light …

Jamie's Italian in Cambridge. Well worth a visit on a dreary winter's day.


Another Portrait

I'm not really promising to diversify ... and I will indeed get that album together in short order. Just have to love my wife - hard to believe how I got so lucky!


And finally a portrait of the most beautiful woman in the world

Or at least part of one. Taken whilst on part two of our delayed honeymoon, visiting our mums in Haifa, Israel. 

Sabrina Lee van den Bos -  the most beautiful woman in the world. Without a doubt.



Westport, Connecticut (July 2010)