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Stones and trees

as only Cumbria seems to combine ...


The Golden Side …

From a walk in Hyde Park two weeks ago in London, on a sunny spring afternoon:

The Golden Side of the Light

The Golden Side of the Light

Light's direction changes so much of it's perception.


Focus …

What do I lay my eyes on?

A scene from Hyde Park last week

A scene from Hyde Park last week

One balance

One balance

Though I prefer

Though I prefer

Though I love details ... I like to keep the essence simple. Another example:

The scene in Hyde Park

The scene in Hyde Park

My view

My view - for so many reasons


A Morning’s Walk

Prompted by a brief power outage this morning I was driven out the door and took a walk down the road to the National Gallery. Whilst I'm not an art scholar by any stretch, I enjoy spending my time observing the work of these masters of light, often just a few pieces at a time. Indeed this morning's viewings (centered on Dutch Masters of the 16th and 17th century) has me hoping to try my own photographic hand at portraits and still life's with simple plays on light.

Postcards in no way related, but taken on the walk this morning:

Out the door

Out The Door

X Marks this Postcard

X Marks This Postcard

Admittedly though I very much miss true nature, the pleasantries of this morning's walk remind how lucky I am to be living in the beauty that is this city on a sunny spring day morning.


At the moment …

Getting the feeling that ...

Ideas often escape me ...

Ideas often escape me ... (Hyde Park yesterday)

Hopefully it's the process that makes the journey and destination worthwhile.


A trip to the local garden

Spring has sprung!

Spa Fields, Clerkenwell